Prybrid-Utility Grey

Varenummer: 31-003746
Div. Udstyr, Udstyr, Knive/Økser, Multitools/Sav/Spader, Gerber
249.00 DKK

As the name suggests, the Prybrid Utility is a hybrid tool, blending the best of a replaceable utility blade knife and a compact multi-tool. Eliminating the need for a sheath, this tool is meant to be carried in pocket or on a keychain offering immediate access to the 8 tools it houses. With a convenient dual-ended design, the Prybrid Utility is the only tool you'll need for quick tasks at the job site. ​

  • Pry bar​

  • Nail puller​

  • Wire stripper​

  • Small flathead driver​

  • Large flathead driver​

  • Bottle opener

  • Standard utility blade​

  • Cord cut notch