Equipment Wrap & Roll L

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Practical roll-up pack tarp with sewn-on, adjustable webbing and plug-in buckle for compression and fixation. Webbing loops on the outside allow attachment to e.g. bike frame or backpack. Dimensions: 75 x 75 cm.


Practical roll-up pack tarp Tatonka Equipment Wrap & Roll L

The Equipment Wrap & Roll is suitable for anyone who needs individual stowage and compression options for their equipment and wants to transport it in a luggage roll: Whether tent poles, folding chairs, tents, tarps, mosquito nets, hammocks, sleeping mats or even clothing – the Equipment Wrap & Roll can be used for everything. The tarp material is waterproof due to PU coating.

The tarp has an insert pocket at one end across the entire width. The parts to be stowed are pushed in there and simply rolled up. The ends are folded together and then lashed with the sewn-on webbing with plug-in buckle. They can be compressed if necessary. Webbing loops sewn onto the outside of the tarp allow the luggage roll to be secured to the bike frame, backpack or elsewhere.

The Equipment Wrap & Roll L has the dimensions 75 x 75 cm. It is also available in size M with dimensions 48 x 45 cm.

  • Attachment option through webbing loops

  • Adjustable webbing strap with closure


Measurements: 75 x 75 cm
Weight: 100 g
Fabric 1: 420 HD Nylon
  • Name: Equipment Wrap & Roll L
  • Price: 199
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