Lofoten Pro 2 Camp

Varenummer: HE163-089
Telte, Telte efter størrelse, 2 Personers, Telte efter vægt, 3,1 - 3,5 kg, Helsport
6,800.00 DKK

Convenient, stable, and versatile year-round tent with whole front opening


Lofoten Pro Camp is the new all-round king of the mountain, with a perfect combination of weight, volume and smart solutions. Lofoten Pro Camp is a practical, spacious and very robust tunnel tent offering low weight and high comfort for trips in all seasons. Despite its low weight, it has plenty of volume and height. The inner tent has mosquito netting, and it's easy to cook and store equipment in the large vestibule. This vestibule can also be fully opened, providing good views and effective ventilation, even in the rain.

The aerodynamic design provides excellent stability in high winds, and is easy to set up when you're on your own. 4-season ventilation and durable materials make this tent perfect for year-round adventures.

  • 360° inner tent opening design, zipper and full width mesh vents 
  • Internal storage pockets for easy organization 
  • ”Skirt ventilation system” and Helsport AirFlow II® ventilation system ensure more fresh air, better quality sleep and increased air circulation which reduces condensation 
  • Patented pole cup and color-coded poles/pole channels make the tent fast and easy to pitch 
  • Unique internal pole channel system that provide better wind stability and less vibration/noise in windy conditions 
  • Guy line points with integrated elastic webbing to collect and prevent the guy lines from getting entangled 
  • Vent over the cooking area minimizes condensation 
  • Multiple zippers in the front allow for customisable entrances, and great views
Tent type: Tunnel
Persons: 2
Package: 19x40 cm
Tent weight: 3,10 kg incl. pegs
Pegs weight: 0,20 kg | 19 pegs
Pole length: 2x260 + 1x310 cm
Accessories: Rep Kit (50 g) contains: fabric, needle, thread, repair sleeve and extra pole segment.
Entrances: 2
Luggage: 1