Gravel SL 4L Halfbag

Varenummer: HE50032-23
Rygsække & Tasker, Tasker, Cykeltasker, Helsport, Cykel, Cykeltasker, Cykeltasker
900.00 DKK

The Gravel SL frame bag offers substantial cargo capacity in a sleek, rectangular shape that fills unused space on your bike. Pack your gear and you're ready to face the endless road ahead, wherever it might take you. We encourage you to add a day or two to your bike rides. Make it a multiday adventure. Attached with non-slip velcro straps. One main compartment with internal pockets on the drive side, and a flat pocket on the non-drive side. Waterproof YKK zips with a baffle keeps your essentials organized and completely dry in harsh conditions no matter where you are heading.


  • Easy to attach and remove
  • Main compartment with inside pockets
  • Zippered pocket on non-drive side
  • YKK AquaGuard water resistant zippers
  • Zippers covered by a flap for extra protection
  • Non-slip velcro
  • Multiple attachment points