Defence 1 TOP 185

Varenummer: 92440
Soveposer & Underlag, Fibersoveposer, 1-9° komforttemperatur, Carinthia
1,300.00 DKK


The Defence 1 is a Light-Weight sleeping bag with an extremely small stuff size and minimum weight. The shellproof shell fits loosely over the inner structure and provides an extra layer of insulation with no cold seams. This construction ensures reserve warmth for cool, foggy nights. In warmer weather the bottom part of the two-way zipper can be opend for ventilation. The zipper is non-snagging so that you can alway get out quickly and easily.

  • Mummy shape
  • Differencial cut
  • 1 Layer Construction with Loose Outer Shell
  • Quick Release 2 Way Center Zipper
  • Zipper Baffle
  • Zipper Flap
  • Anti Snag Ribbon
  • Heat Reflection Insert
  • Trapezoidal Foot Section
  • Compression bag included

Material & Specs
Insulation: G-LOFT®, 100% Polyester
Outer fabric: 100% Polyamide
Inner lining: 100% Polyamide
Sizes: M, L
Dimensions (cm): 215/85/60 (M), 230/87/65 (L)
Weight (g): 1.050 (M), 1.200 (L)
Pack size compressed: 18x25 (M), 18x28 (L)