"Tool Pocket ""M"" "

Varenummer: 2917
Brand: Tatonka
Rygsække & Tasker,Tilbehør,Taktisk tilbehør
Vejl. pris 59,00 kr
Vejl. pris 59,00 kr
Belt pocket for multi-functional tools. The Tool Pocket M is extremely robust thanks to the CORDURA® material, and reliably protects the contents from damage and dirt. The pockets can be securely attached to the belt so you always have your tools close to hand.


  • Universal belt loop on back
  • Opens out, with hook-and-loop fastening

Technical Datas

Measurements: 12 x 5 x 1,5 cm
Weight: 35 g
Fabric 1: CORDURA® 700 den

Material: CORDURA® 700 den CORDURA® 700 den

CORDURA® in fibre thickness 700 den combines the high wear and tear resistance of the classic 1000 den fabric with the lightness of the 500 den fabric.

100% Polyamide

Navn "Tool Pocket ""M"" "
Kort beskrivelse Rygsække & Tasker,Tilbehør,Taktisk tilbehør
Varenummer 2917
Pris 59,00 kr