Amicus with Igniter

Varenummer: SSOD-1NVE
Brand: Soto
Div. Udstyr,Mad & køkkengrej,Brændere,Kogegrej
Vejl. pris 500,00 kr
SOTO's first low cost stove with high-end performance. Hidden electric line for igniter. Light weight, compact and shock resistant with improved ignition. Unique raised ledge at the crown of the burner head and concaved burner surface increase performance under windy conditions. Spring-loaded pot supports are engineered for easy set up. Stable for the pot. Output: 2600 kcal/h 3030 W 10210 BTU Duration: Burns approx.1.5 hours with 8 oz.(250 g)canister. Weight: 2.9 oz.(81 g) Dimensions: When in use/W 3.0 x D 4.0 x H 3.4 inches (W 7.6 x D 10.0 x H 8.6 cm), When stowed/ W 1.7 x D 1.6 x H 3.0 inches (W 4.3 x D 4.0 x H 7.5 cm)
Navn Amicus with Igniter
Kort beskrivelse Div. Udstyr,Mad & køkkengrej,Brændere,Kogegrej
Varenummer SSOD-1NVE
Pris 500,00 kr